Game Shows

game show 2.jpg

“Minute To Win It Games” or as we like to call it; “Are You In It To Win It?”Your event would begin


Your game would start with some upbeat music and your host would make some announcements getting
everyone prepared for the games. Approximately (1) hour into the event, the host would randomly select
people to play a simple game. All games are timed leaving (1) winner for each game.


If you’re looking to have your group laughing and dancing with excitement at your event, then a Parties Unlimited/
Events-Sound, Inc Game Show is a must!
This event is fast paced and has a way of getting everyone involved! Great for all walks of life! Contestants could
either sign up to play or Host could randomly choose them.
Watch as everyone is energized with the music, enlightened with humor as they(and you)laugh while they complete in
some of the most interesting and funny stunt rounds and see them puzzled as they try & answer rounds of trivia,
name that tune or even trivia you have provided!